Tis the Reason

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The attached pic is a great visual complement to Eleanor Slater’s poem “December 24th.” The addressee is our Lord and Savior, but the message is for you and me. Tomorrow You are born again Who died so many times. Do You like the candle-light, Do You like the chimes? Do You stop to wonder Why men never see How very … Read More

“Jesus was an Airborne Ranger”

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I few weeks ago, I thought to myself, “I promised the GB4G readers a review of John McDougall’s Jesus was an Airborne Ranger, and… since November 2 is the day I processed into Ranger School (23 years ago mind you), I’ll release the review on that day.”  So, here’s the November 2-commemorative-review-of-a-Ranger-book.  That has a bit of a ring to … Read More