Trumps Favorite Bible Verse

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Here’s my latest article with IJ Review. As the run for the presidency stands right now, there are two frauds running and there are two honest people running. Of the two honest people, one is a professing socialist and the other is a professing Christian. Sadly, it’s the honest ones that are losing.

The Time has Come

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Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.  In the previous blog, we discussed a possible motivation for Kim Davis’ stubborn defiance of the courts, namely, a deep sense of forgiveness that brought about a deep sense of love for the Lord which, in turn, has brought about a deep sense of Christian commitment.  Today, we’ll discuss a possible motivation … Read More

Christianity – Outnumbered

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Great conversation with Fox News Outnumbered. Willie Robertson discusses religion in America, and hits on some very important points: 1) apathy on the part of Christians who are discouraged; and 2) the need for Christians to come together and make a difference in our country. Here are two additional thoughts: 1) If Christians will stand up to the courts, then … Read More