The Responsibilities of Religious Leaders

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Here’s an article I wrote on the spat between Trump and the Pope and why Trump is wrong about religious leaders speaking out on the faith of others – especially the faith of a public figure who appeals to his/herĀ faith. This is not about building a wall or the accuracy of the Pope’s statement. It is about the inaccuracy of Trump’s statement about religious leaders. If you like it… like it enough to share it after you read it @ IJ Review.

One Comment on ““The Responsibilities of Religious Leaders”

  1. Douglas

    In my opinion, being a former Catholic, I believe the pope was 100% WRONG. The Catholic Church is filthy rich with art work, gems, gold, silver, oil rights and the list keeps going. When the Catholic Church parts with some of its enormous funds, takes down the wall around the Vatican and lets people immigrate to it then he can speak. Mr. Trump cares for the U.S. of America. To many just walk into our nation, take what they can, do not assimilate and will not speak our language. A country with out a single language, culture and borders will not exist for long. No one is allowed to immigrate to Vatican City, where does the pope get the right to condemn Trump. Seems like the pope is a puppet for Mexico. The Catholic Church has said for years do as I say not as I do. Think about that

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