Exposing Liberal Bias

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Here’s a recent article from IJReview that they posted a few days ago. It raises the conversation about liberal intolerance toward Christianity while simultaneously being sympathetic toward Islam. All the more reason to buck secularism and get back to promoting Christian values. No better time to do that than during Christmas!!!

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  1. Craig Huston

    It is very sad that many Christians do not understand their bible, particularly when it speaks of God’s judgement concerning sin. Some think of a sort of “Biblical smorgasbord ” whereby they can pick the parts they like, and leave out the parts they don’t. This is usually the liberal’s approach to Christianity. Upon examination of the Quran, however, it becomes clear that a large number of Muslims simply do not understand the Quran, because if they did, things could really get messy! In reality, all Muslims are called to Jihad, and to demand a conversion to their religion…or else! People that claim Islam is a peaceful religion are spiritually lazy and delusional.

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