Trump, Evangelicalism, & Christianity

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Here’s my recent article with Independent Journal Review. It addresses Trump’s ramblings on Christianity and evangelicalism. The harsh truth is: business acumen is not going to make America great again — authentic Christian ethics are the only thing that will make America great again. Check it out and join the conversation on IJ Review!

Lastly, love the Family Research Council logo in the background. Proud to stand with those guys as their North Carolina P-50.

One Comment on ““Trump, Evangelicalism, & Christianity”

  1. Billy Gray

    I agree with you. I think it is a tragedy that we have come to the place of having to choose between two evils, to elect a leader of Our Republic. We live in a Republic where 167 million people watched a football game, where the f-bomb was presented as music, at half time. We live in a world of commerce, that we support by proxy. The stadiums are built the lions are hungry. ARMOR UP!

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