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  1. pebble

    For the people of faith, their greatest commandment is to Love God with their whole heart, their whole mind, and their whole soul – that is to love Him with all that you are. In America, it is not the federal government’s responsibility to govern matters of the Church. Marriage is a religious order that for people of faith is divine law. SCOTUS knowingly and unnecessarily disrespected and hijacked Christianity’s sacred and Divine Law for human creation, marriage, (Genesis 2:18-25), and distorted it by legislating the new desolate and non-productive same sex marriage law from the bench. This unlawful act initiated the homosexual assault on religious liberty. The sacred text of Genesis 2 did not simply float off the pages of the Bible and morph into same sex marriage. The Divine Law for marriage is constant and omnipresent, not a variable subject to change.

    No person or business owner of faith should be forced to facilitate or participate in any religious ceremony that mocks God in the process. When the law demands people of faith facilitate or participate in a same sex marriage ceremony because homosexuals are marrying the love of their life, the law is demanding the person of faith to disavow the love of their life. Same sex marriage is a false religious ceremony, complete with rituals that vow to do forever what God hates. Most homosexuals are atheist and are opposed to Christian values and principles. Therefore, they should stay out of the Bible and stop coveting Christian divine laws such as the rainbow symbol and marriage, then use them to perpetrate mockery against the Christian faith and against God. For those who say supporters of religious liberty are wrong and that homosexuals are just seeking to engage…, we know full well who they are, we just have not been deceived like SCOTUS and the DOJ.

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