3 Reasons the Recent FBI Statement Is a Win for Conservatives

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Here’s an article I wrote last night for Independent Journal Review. They just posted it a little while ago. Now is the time for conservatives to follow the example of the left and absolutely refuse to stop fighting on this issue. After you read it, please share it.

3 Comments on “3 Reasons the Recent FBI Statement Is a Win for Conservatives”

  1. Billy

    What we have here is the fox guarding the hen house. This is nothing new. The majority of people working as a government employee will be protective of government. The biggest mistake we have made in the last 50 years is we were not taught, the Law, in school or church. The majority can’t distinguish Justice from statutory laws or court opinions. We are taught to consent, or pay.

    I like the story of the emperor. The story that is happening now is the frog in the pot, with the water heating up very rapidly. Some are getting a little uncomfortable, the rest will .

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