A Biblical Perspective on Boldness – Part 2

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Boldness Series.  Sermon delivered by Pastor Rit Varriale at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, NC on June 29, 2014.

2 Comments on “A Biblical Perspective on Boldness – Part 2”

  1. Tom Cordell

    Thank you Rit, for your stand on the Bible and what it means to this country and this people. Very blessed by the teaching and challenge you presented. And thanks for contacting via email with this info. Evidently you remembered my visit.
    Our little congregation just called a new pastor, and I sent him the link to these messages and info. Please pray that He will recognize and take up the challenge.

    1. Rit Varriale

      Will be praying for the transition of your church – keep passing the word about God before Government and ask churches/Christians to start flying the Christian flag over the American flag.

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