Catching Leaves

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Years ago, I took my niece and nephew for a short hike not far from our home. At their age (they were age about age 7 and 5 respectively) the 1 mile journey through the woods seemed to them like a great adventure. While we were walking along a one section of a stream, hundreds of yellow butterflies were fluttering around the banks.

My niece looked at me and said, “Uncle Rit, it this nature?” “Yes.” I replied. To which she said, “I’ve only seen it on TV.” We have laughed about that many times. I knew she had been out in nature before, but I also knew what she meant. That was the first time, she felt a deep sense of joy and connection to all the natural things that were around her.

If you know someone who needs to pull back and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, then share this piece with them.

Blessings this Sabbath Day,

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