Concerned about the Courts

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Here’s a piece that I submitted to the Biblical Recorder, the Baptist newspaper for NC.  Share it – especially if you’re from NC.

2 Comments on “Concerned about the Courts”

  1. Billy

    Hello Neighbor,

    Just read Rit’s article. It was as he puts it often,Spot On!
    I had to go to Asheville today, to the VA, had my first opportunity
    which I declined, to gender-neutral, in a book store that I, until today supported.
    There is a precedent for Rit’s call to the pulpits. I have posted it here for folks to read.
    I have known Mike for a couple years now,
    have been on calls with him. In my opinion he works hard on his research, and is in this post, Spot On also. If you would like to disagree with him, I can give you his phone number. This is not a political battle, just like Rit said in a prior post, this is a Righteous Spiritual battle, one that we have the wonderful opportunity and duty to stand for. Prayer and Pulpit would transform our nation.

    Sound The Drums,


  2. Douglas

    In today’s time, the courts, under Obama and the news media have gone so far left that anything goes. For this christian I say enough is enough. In New York its a liberal agenda that is bankrupting the state, we have “gender bathrooms”, but you cannot talk of God in public. NYC has a very corrupt mayor who is under investigation for illegal campaign financing and tried to use the money for state elections, very illegal in NY. People, its time to wake up and stand up for us. Our Christian religion is under attack from POTUS, the courts and politicians, we see it in the schools and college. I will not be silent on this, I will speak out and defend my belief in Christ. Lets do this together before its to late.

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