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Yesterday, I attended the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) National Conference in Nashville, TN. Click here to learn more about the ERLC. Pretty much across the board the speakers argued that Christians should speak boldly on issues that are ‘boldfaced” in the Bible (e.g. marriage, the murder of children, sexual ethics, etc.). Likewise, they argued that we should tread lightly on issues that are not as clear (e.g. the economy, welfare programs, etc.). The dominant theme from the panel discussions was finding the middle ground between the DNC and GOP. It was kind of an “all things to all people” perspective. I agree that the Church should not endorse parties. I’m a registered independent. I thought the best quote of the conference was from Samuel Rodriguez; “We don’t follow the agenda of the donkey or the agenda of the elephant. We follow the agenda of the Lamb.” Agree 100%. Yet, the time has come where we must boldly proclaim that being a Bible-based Christian does not mean you have to support the GOP, but it does mean you can’t support the DNC. We need Christian leaders who are willing to say that!!! Although the GOP agenda can be biblically problematic, the DNC agenda is definitively unbiblical on matters that the Bible is very clear.

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  1. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

    The economy is not “boldfaced” in the Bible? Which Bible are they reading?

    The Bible is OBSESSED with economic justice. Chapters upon chapters on the community’s obligations to people who cannot easily earn their own livelihood (widows, orphans, people with disabilities); to people who are new to the community (immigrants and strangers); and people who are poor for unspecified reasons.

    I can give you chapter and verse if you like. It will be a long list.

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