POTUS says he will shut the government down for Planned Parenthood!!!

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Here’s a quote from a CNN article that proves the moral bankruptcy of Hillary Clinton, and most of the leaders of the DNC (the article is attached).

“I would hope that the Republicans — and particularly the Republicans in the House, led by Speaker (John) Boehner — would not put our country and our economy in peril pursuing some kind of emotionally, politically charged, partisan attack on Planned Parenthood to shut our government down,” Clinton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.” “I think that would be a very, very unfortunate decision.”

Obama and Clinton would have the American people believe that the dissection of infants at taxpayers expense for financial gain (which is rightfully a felony), is nothing to get emotional about!!!

Hey spineless Republicans (like McConnell & Boehner), what the hell are you thinking?! This is your opportunity to force the President and the DNC to show the nation that they are so ideologically dysfunctional that THEY would shut down the government in order to continue funding an immoral, self-serving, criminal organization such as Planned Parenthood.

As Carly Fiorina said the other night during the debate, “This is about the character of our nation.” If the Republicans were smart, then they would highlight the fact that this is also about the character of the two parties.

The DNC has courage. You don’t hear them talking about coming to the middle. Hello… the President has already indicated that he WILL shut down the government with a veto. It’s amazing that the GOP can’t turn the conversation around and say, “Hey, we’re still talking about this. POTUS is the one who said he will shut the government down over the issue of funding Planned Parenthood!”

GOP – time to get two new things:
1) some new people to help with the talking points.
2) some courage to actually stand for what is right

2 Comments on “POTUS says he will shut the government down for Planned Parenthood!!!”

  1. Douglas

    I hope the Republicans stand up and say who will shut the government down, ITS OBAMA. Planned Parenthood is a criminal organization killing the future of America and laughing about it. SHAME ON THE DEMOCRATS for supporting this mass killing of human beings who can not speak for them selves. May God have mercy on us for doing nothing as a nation.

  2. alabamaindependent

    Obama is a “closet” Muslim and of course it is not for me to state the belief of his heart. I find it hard, however, for him to claim to be a Christian when he supports Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, and multitude of positions which are contrary to the Word of God. There is fear that he will declare Martial Law if the results of the 2016 does not go his way. Under Martial Law, he could remain President indefinitely! ALL CHRISTIAN NEED TO BE PREPAED TO “OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MAN” IF THIS HAPPENS!

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