Return to Innocence or Epic Fail?

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If you’re tired of the public school’s standardization of all things idiotic, and you’re sick of “diversity” being the liberal catchword of the day, then this recent article from IJ Review is for you!  No rhyme intended — I guess that’s just a subconscious effect from singing Christmas Carols for the past few weeks.

One Comment on ““Return to Innocence or Epic Fail?”

  1. Craig Huston

    “I’d rather not discuss religion or politics.” How many times have we encountered someone that just isn’t interested in any dialogue pertaining to these subjects? It’s as if they’re scared to death to talk about important issues of our time. If they espouse the “ostrich approach”, do they really think things will resolve themselves without addressing our current problems?? We’d better wake up while we still have a country left, and start engaging in some meaningful conversation!! Then again, maybe some of us Christians are simply hoping for the rapture to hurry up and get us out of this awful mess we’ve made.

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