The Limits of Power

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There’s always a positive way to look at things. Consider the great lesson Obama is allowing us to learn via his recent DOJ / DOE letter to the public schools, namely, that an American President is really not that powerful – at least not powerful enough to change gender with the wave of his hand. Here’s a quote from my … Read More

How Religious are Evangelicals?

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Faith doesn’t make one perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect person. There are no perfect Christians. That’s why we need a Christ. We need a Savior. The Christian faith gives the hope of forgiveness to imperfect people. That said, how are Christians to discern when they are being used by leaders and when leaders are authentically joining them … Read More

Christianity or Islam?

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A few days ago, Dr. Carson stirred up a hornet’s nest by indicating a Muslim U.S. President is probably not the best idea for getting America back on track. Such a statement is an anathema to liberals who would love to see a Muslim President. As a matter of fact, for a liberal, the only thing better than Socialist-Sanders or … Read More

Christianity – Outnumbered

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Great conversation with Fox News Outnumbered. Willie Robertson discusses religion in America, and hits on some very important points: 1) apathy on the part of Christians who are discouraged; and 2) the need for Christians to come together and make a difference in our country. Here are two additional thoughts: 1) If Christians will stand up to the courts, then … Read More