Christianity or Islam?

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A few days ago, Dr. Carson stirred up a hornet’s nest by indicating a Muslim U.S. President is probably not the best idea for getting America back on track. Such a statement is an anathema to liberals who would love to see a Muslim President. As a matter of fact, for a liberal, the only thing better than Socialist-Sanders or Clean-My-Hard-Drive-Clinton would be a transgender Muslim candidate. Remember, liberals love anything that goes against traditional values. The greater the rejection of the tradition, the more appealing it will be to the liberal political palate. Horror of horrors that Dr. Carson would offend the Muslim community. Of course, you can throw Christians in jail for standing on their convictions, but you sure as heck better not tick off Muslims—that would be insensitive.

Nonetheless, after the attacks kicked in, Dr. Carson decided to nuance his statement with the caveat that a Muslim that was willing to publicly denounce Sharia law would be suitable for the White House. The response of the pacified was immediate. “Oh, that’s better,” as Republican heads started bobbing in agreement. “Yeah… that’s right… the Constitution should be first.” Dr. Carson went on to state that a Christian who desires a theocracy would not be suitable for the White House. Oh boy… now you’re talking to liberals! You can hear them now; “Those Christians and their theocratic nonsense shouldn’t even be able to stand at the White House fence.” Really? So we’re going to group Christians who put Christ first with Muslims who embrace Sharia law? Here’s the problem with this conversation—it reflects the blatant ignorance that prevails in America today. People who think Christianity and Islam are the same bag of tricks simply because they are monotheistic systems don’t understand Islam or Christianity. Let me explain.

First, you don’t need to ask a Christian to deny any of the fundamental teachings of Christianity in order to support the U.S. Constitution. As a matter of fact, the notion of Christian benevolence, that is, making room for “the other,” is essential to our understanding of individual rights. Mikey Weinstein and his minions will argue that I’m making this up and imposing my faith on the secular intents of the Founding Fathers. Whatever! To prove my point, Christians comprised the vast majority of people involved in the development and ratification of the Constitution. “What the hell are you talking about?” asks the nearest secularist liberal. Yep… that’s right. Jump p and down and cry, but the truth remains—Christians were the major influence on the Constitution. That’s why it’s not in disagreement with any major tenet of the Christian faith.

Second, our nation functioned for nearly two centuries with a strong sense of commitment to the general religious sentiments of the people. We did this without ever establishing a theocracy. As a matter of fact, Christianity and a “theocratic” government are incompatible precisely because the Bible teaches us that it’s impossible to force someone into a relationship with God through the person of Jesus Christ. Thus, the very essence of Christianity is lost when conversions are coerced. This is not the case with Islam. To the contrary, Islam is not only compatible with the notion of forced conversion—it actually promotes the notion. When you take the teachings of Christianity to the extreme, you become a pacifist. However, when you take the teachings of Islam to the extreme, you become a terrorist. Exhibit A… the modern Middle East.

Third, the U.S. has lost its Christian identity precisely because Christians are always giving in to and making room for “the other.” The influence of Islam is growing tremendously because Muslims do not compromise. We are in a prolonged war with Islamic terrorism, and we are debating the efficacy of having a Muslim President. This conversation is proof of their influence, and it’s the height of our stupidity. When you say this and draw the ire of every liberal within earshot, be prepared to respond with this, “Mr./Mrs. Liberal… do you really want a Muslim in the White House? Even if you find a Muslim presidential candidate that would denounce Sharia law, should we expect the rest of your agenda to be embraced by a Muslim? Let’s see… how many same-sex Muslim weddings took place this year? How many Muslim women are rallying in support of Planned Parenthood? How many Muslims are against drilling for oil? How many Muslims encourage their kids to decide what gender they want to be today? No… Mr./Mrs. Liberal… make no mistake about it… you really don’t want a Muslim in the White House nor do you want a Christian in the White House. Rather, you want a person just like you in the White House, that is, a person who feigns commitment to God, but is really committed to a godless agenda.” Interestingly, that’s exactly what liberals have in the White House today, but that’s a topic for another blog. Until then, stand your ground Dr. Carson!

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  1. Alabama Independent

    I’m sorry – and perhaps as a Christian I should not feel this way – but I simply do not trust Muslims. I may be ignorant in my understanding of the Muslim religion, but from what I have witnessed on the news networks, is many within their religion advocate violence toward Christians, Jews, and others who will not embrace Islam. It appears there is a silent group within the Islamic religion who share some of the radicals’ doctrine, but who do not – for whatever reason – allow it to surface in the United States.
    There are many Islamic leaders who claim their religion is peaceful. But how do they explain the many events of “honor killings” which have occurred in all parts of the world where the Muslims live. How do they explain the “beheadings” of those who would not convert to Islam? If the radical Muslims grow in influence, will not the “peaceful” Muslims ally and justify with them for fear of becoming victims themselves?
    The more I hear Dr. Carson speak out on various issues, the more I like him and may end up supporting him in the presidential preference primaries. We need a President with a “no nonsense” attitude such as Donald Trump advocates. But my question is, is Donald Trump truly serious about becoming President. Will he drop out if he starts dropping in the Polls? Perhaps a ticket of Donald Trump for President and Ben Carson for Vice-President would bring this nation back to greatness again, and win the respect from the rest of the world. I’m not sure.
    Regardless of who is elected President in 2016, the United States is in as great of danger as it was during World War II. Will we end up in a War with radical Muslims who may gain control of many Arab nations? Will such lead to World War III? I am 71 years old, and I know that my days are limited. I would love for the Rapture to take place tonight. But if it doesn’t and I have to face death as my ancestors before me have, I fear for my children, my grand-children, and any potential great-grand-children I may have who have got to live in this unstable world. And not to appear selfish, I fear for other’s children, grand-children, and great-grand-children likewise.
    But one thing for sure, all is in God’s hands. And in His due time, the Rapture will occur, and the day will come when Jesus makes His 2nd return to this Earth to restore Order and Rule over all the
    World. I can hardly wait for that day to come!

  2. Douglas

    Well put Alabama Independent. I do not trust any Muslims either, on 9/11/01 I was working as an independent contractor for a brokerage house. When the planes hit the Trade Center a Muslin working for this Brokerage house actually smiled and cheered. He is from Pakistan, Ali, and I told him to go to hell and die. He never apologized to anyone. To this day I despise all Muslims as they want to be the only religion, you see if you disagree with them they want to behead you as an infidel. To the American people I say STAND UP and BE HEARD, the POTUS hates Christians as he has stated many times, by saying those Christians with their bibles and guns. Never forget who attacked us, it was and still is the Muslim Nations who hate our way of life. Now is the time for all Christians to stand together and tell our government NO MORE.

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