The Time has Come

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Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.  In the previous blog, we discussed a possible motivation for Kim Davis’ stubborn defiance of the courts, namely, a deep sense of forgiveness that brought about a deep sense of love for the Lord which, in turn, has brought about a deep sense of Christian commitment.  Today, we’ll discuss a possible motivation … Read More

God Before Government Goes Viral

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Today was a big day for God Before Government.  Media outlets across the US covered our story and helped to spread the message that, as Christians, our service and commitment to God should be greater than our service and commitment to government–especially a government that coerces us to violate our commitments to God. Below are links to some of the … Read More

Interview on Fox Carolina’s Good Day Charlotte

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Rit Varriale on Fox Charlotte

Fox 46 in Charlotte, NC invited Pastor Varriale and Pastor Wilson to come in for an interview on Good Day Charlotte to talk about God Before Government and the special flag raising ceremony happening today. Below is a link the interview video. Video Segment: Link to God Before Government Video on    

Word Cloud

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Yesterday, while I was reading through the recent SCOTUS ruling, I got to thinking… what if you put the opinion and dissent into a word cloud to see what each side emphasized.  Nothing scientific, but it would be interesting.  I’ve done this before with small books of the Bible or smaller sections of larger books, but the entire SCOTUS text … Read More