3 Comments on “Interview on Fox Carolina’s Good Day Charlotte”

  1. Jane Wassen

    Once again, the media was completely disrespectful to the Christian perspective. FOX news had to show the LGBT marriages in a larger caption on the viewing screen while Rit and Walter were expressing their views. I do commend these godly men for trying their best to break into the media’s bias and favoritism toward the sinful lifestyle. JWW

  2. Tanya

    We are “For God”, “Pro God”, etc. What someone else believes and lives is on them. The weak minded or spirited always turn to manipulation or bullying when faced with the strong. In this case, those who are spiritually strong and in the Lords’ army. What the Supreme Court did was wrong…without a doubt. Do the supporters truly have no clue? The government ALWAYS has an agenda. One day the supporters will have their votes/rights violated. What defense will they have against that violation? None…because if they can support the violation of millions of votes then they will have no power when theirs are. The day will come…sooner rather than later when you consider how fast this country is spiraling out of control. In the meantime, I will be praying for God’s mercy, justice, and peace. God Bless!

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