The Courts & The Constitution

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The Constitution

In realty, the left has set the example that Mrs. Davis is following, namely, if you don’t like a law, then don’t obey or enforce it. Thus, if Kim Davis should be jailed for defying the courts, then activist judges and AGs like former AG Holder should be jailed for defying the constitutional votes of millions of people. The courts and the constitution are not the same. A court or an AG can make a decision (in the name of constitutionality) that is completely unconstitutional. That’s why the oath of enlistment for our service men and women does’t say that they swear to defend the courts. Rather it states that they are to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Remember this from last year… we’ll talk more about this next week.

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  1. Douglas

    The courts today are not blind, they are party tools only that includes the Supreme Court. When the people vote one way the courts do not have the right to over rule the citizens, but sadly with this lawless president Obama we the people are loosing our rights every day. We need term limits on all the Judiciary including the Supreme Court. Life time appointments must go, God save this once great nation and help bring us back to you.

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