The Simple Solution to Satanic School Clubs

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Here’s an article I wrote on the ridiculous notion that freedom of expression means the public school system has two alternatives; 1) allow Satanic clubs, or 2) shut down all other religious clubs.

In essence, the Satanic Temple is not a religious club. They don’t believe in the supernatural. They consider Satan to be a metaphorical character that models free will. Thus, the clubs whose teachings are commensurate to the teachings of the Satanic Temple are secular clubs. That said, the secular clubs, not the after school religious clubs, should be in jeopardy of having to close down if the Satanic Temple is denied club status. Of course, that would be unacceptable to the system. Public school leaders would simply say, “no” to the Satanists and “yes” to their secular clubs. That’s my whole point. Secularists and liberals do what they think is right and disregard the rules. That’s the reason they win.

Yet, all it takes to stop this nonsense is the courage of Christian leaders to say, “no!” Sadly, Christian leaders are some of the biggest cowards in the country. Isn’t it ironic that those claiming to believe in eternal life are the least likely to take a biblical stand and make worldly sacrifices for their culture. Why?

Because the church still hasn’t learned how to say, “no” to the authorities. The left embraced an ideology of civil disobedience long ago. It’s time for the church to wake up. Do you want to make America great again? Then replace the cowardliness of the Church with a thoughtful theology of civil disobedience!

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