Twin Flags

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Just got this e-mail last night and told the author I would post his poem “Twin Flags” to our Facebook page and website.

Your movement is for me an answer to many years of prayer for the Nation whose Christian missionary zeal has put me and my family in the Book of Life written in Heaven. Thank and God’s blessings
In His Service, Decio

Here’s Decio’s poem. No doubt, God has gifted him with words.

(“…His banner over me was love.” Songs 2:4)

You can still see them in some churches by themselves,
Often passed over, thought up front where they belong.
The joyful tidings they unfurl is not proclaimed
In clarion voice but, fervently, in banner’s tongue
One hails the Christian faith; her twin, – lest we forget –
A noble birth when seeds of Faith and Country met.

And to remember we must. Oh! We must remember
What made our people so exceptionally free:
The Founders honoring our God as the Creator
Who made us, human beings, “like” Him in dignity…
“The laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” as creed…
A Nation nurtured “Under God,” fit to succeed.

Wisely, they chose to espouse the unfettering laws of God
And He, through freedom, prospered us in lavish measure.
But what we have today might not be ours tomorrow
Unless we treasure what our Lord bids us to treasure.
For no one gives as Who created us can give
Or to receive as those who can, through faith, receive.

If people fail to heed the truths the twins speak for,
When on our way to some old church sometime, somewhere,
Pray that both flags are still attending to our Nation.
When just the red and white and blue is to be found there,
You know that all that’s ours today will soon be gone.
This flag cannot fulfill her promises alone.

Decio de Carvalho

Thanks Decio for sharing this with us!!!

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