Where are the Generals?

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As a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School (Class 2-93), I’ve decided to weigh in on the recent stupidity of the left and the pathetic leadership of our current generals.

Isis is beheading people across the Middle East. Russian Spetsnaz are in Crimea on RinR from the Ukraine conflict… and what’s the big talk with respect to the U.S. military… the first women U.S. Army Rangers! Wow… aren’t we proud. The left never ceases to amaze us. Attached is Washington Post (WP) article about an officer from the Ranger Training Brigade recently challenging the critics. When you look at his response, its makes sense. Sure, some women can handle the rigor of the course. History has proven that, when necessary, women can be very effective in combat. If you’re in a jam and you need a rifle on every shoulder (like Israel) then I’m all for women in combat. However, national security is not the reason these women are Ranger School graduates. Political correctness and the hyper-individualism of our society are the reasons these women graduated.

No doubt, many people will applaud these women and say this is a great day for America. The same people will label critics as relics of the past and hindrances to the future. Regardless, we’ll play off the WP article and raise our own concerns. Just as the article detailed 9 aspects of Major Hathaway’s Facebook post, so this post will present 9 talking points for our readers. (So read the article first then come back to our post).

1) Why tamper with unit cohesion? Are individual rights more important than the overall morale and welfare of a unit?

2) Why does the left gain so much satisfaction when women break in and destroy an all male environment? Is it really that exciting for you people?

3) Why would our leaders experiment with our elite military units at a time when the military is at historically low force strength and is also facing some of our greatest threats?

4) If these women were not treated any differently than the men, then why are there so many pictures of them going through each phase? Hillary Clinton’s private server would have been bogged down with the number of pics that were tagged to these two candidates.

5) Would the Army be willing to reveal the records of the conversations that lead to this decision? It would be nice to know (better yet… nice to confirm) who was driving this train?

6) Is Ranger School a place for career progression or a place to prepare combat leaders? If our leaders look at it as the former, you can pack it up and go home… game over.

7) Are combat units a place where everyone who wants to be there should have the right to be there? Next time Seal Team 6 risks their lives in defense of our people, are the Admirals going to make sure there’s a woman on the chalk for the PC police to report on?

8) Since this decision did not occur in a vacuum, let’s consider the big picture with respect to the military and the current administration in Washington: A) Allow Muslim extremism to expand exponentially in the Middle East; B) Bailout of Iraq despite the inevitable power vacuum now filled by Isis (you would have to be brain dead to think such a vacuum would go unfilled by some group – it just happened to be Isis that filled it); C) Criticize Christian religious fervor in the U.S. military while simultaneously promoting homosexuality, Islam, and unisex units; D) Diminish force numbers to dangerously low levels, E) Exchange a deserter for 5 terrorist generals and Empower Iran; which leads to F) POTUS has FAILED America’s military precisely because he’s never really respected it–the proof of the latter is that he never joined it.

9) The final comment I will say is this: Why do our generals sit back and accept everything this administration tells them to do? Does Bruce Jenner’s doctor work at the VA now? If so, will all commanding generals please report to the nearest VA and retrieve your acorns so you could get back to leading this nation instead of being neutered lap dogs of SCOTUS and POTUS.

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