Remember the 2012 DNC

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Here’s a moment that should forever be remembered in American politics and the American Church. It’s the moment the DNC showed it’s true colors in three crucial areas: 1) GOD – Liberals give lip service to the notion of god, and they hate the one true God that’s represented on the pages of Scripture. 2) VOTING – Liberals don’t care … Read More

Where are the Generals?

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As a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School (Class 2-93), I’ve decided to weigh in on the recent stupidity of the left and the pathetic leadership of our current generals. Isis is beheading people across the Middle East. Russian Spetsnaz are in Crimea on RinR from the Ukraine conflict… and what’s the big talk with respect to the U.S. … Read More

Interview on Fox Carolina’s Good Day Charlotte

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Rit Varriale on Fox Charlotte

Fox 46 in Charlotte, NC invited Pastor Varriale and Pastor Wilson to come in for an interview on Good Day Charlotte to talk about God Before Government and the special flag raising ceremony happening today. Below is a link the interview video. Video Segment: Link to God Before Government Video on    

Word Cloud

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Yesterday, while I was reading through the recent SCOTUS ruling, I got to thinking… what if you put the opinion and dissent into a word cloud to see what each side emphasized.  Nothing scientific, but it would be interesting.  I’ve done this before with small books of the Bible or smaller sections of larger books, but the entire SCOTUS text … Read More

The Land of the Courts and the Home of the Cowards

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The Constitution

The hypocrisy of the LGBTQ community and the courts is absolutely amazing.  Why do I say that?  The answer is simple, but before I share it with you, answer this question; “Which is a greater violation of one’s rights, to discriminate against him/her or to subjugate him/her?”  Of course, any rationale person would say discrimination (telling people that you do not want to participate … Read More