Remember the 2012 DNC

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Here’s a moment that should forever be remembered in American politics and the American Church. It’s the moment the DNC showed it’s true colors in three crucial areas:
1) GOD – Liberals give lip service to the notion of god, and they hate the one true God that’s represented on the pages of Scripture.
2) VOTING – Liberals don’t care about the vote of the people. News Flash–they don’t even care about the vote of their own party members. Do you really expect them to care about the vote of those who oppose them?
3) RULES – Liberals have no respect for the rules – notice at mark 2:05-2:08, the parliamentarian says, “You’ve got to rule, and then you’ve gotta let them do what they’re gonna do.” After she says that, another vote is taken and he does exactly what the party wanted him to do, namely, pass the motion regardless of the votes of their own people.

America – this is why 5 liberal SCOTUS judges trampled the votes of millions of people –
1) they have no respect for God
2) they have no respect for the vote of the people
3) they have no respect for the Constitution (the rule of our land)

Of course, when you bring this up with a liberal this week, listen to them respond with the following comments:
1) “We’re not a theocracy.”
2) “We’re not a democracy. We’re a constitutional republic.”
3) “The Constitution is a living breathing document that changes.”

You need to be prepared to respond with:
1) “True, but neither are religious views to be suppressed in the name of secularism. For two hundred years, we have been able to let the religious views of the people be expressed without a theocracy – why can’t we do that now?”
2) “Say again!… we’re not a democracy… please explain why you’re denying the very namesake of your party!” (P.S. the answer to that is simple — they don’t have the votes to pass the democrap national agenda — thus they need the courts to force their agenda).
3) “OK – then it can change back toward a more conservative states’ rights direction just as easily as it has been moving in a liberal federalist direction. Are you good with that?”

Watch this video… watch it again… watch it for a third time, then share it with everyone you can. Time to stand up for biblical values. Time to stand against the tyranny of the courts.

4 Comments on “Remember the 2012 DNC”

  1. Douglas

    This article is 100% true. In New York Senator Schumer has stated that we will give people what we think they need and nothing more, he is a total jack a*s along with Gellibrand and the rest of the democratic party. They don’t understand that democracy is a democratic way to live. I can not find the link to the video, can you let us know how to get to it. Thank you

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