Irresponsible Individualism

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Sorry for the lapse in blogs.  Most of our activity is on Facebook and it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had an article on IJ Review. Nonetheless, here’s my latest piece with IJ Review. Understanding the gist of what I’m getting at here is imperative to addressing the real issue of our time, namely, the balance that is needed when addressing … Read More

The Time has Come

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Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.  In the previous blog, we discussed a possible motivation for Kim Davis’ stubborn defiance of the courts, namely, a deep sense of forgiveness that brought about a deep sense of love for the Lord which, in turn, has brought about a deep sense of Christian commitment.  Today, we’ll discuss a possible motivation … Read More

Remember the 2012 DNC

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Here’s a moment that should forever be remembered in American politics and the American Church. It’s the moment the DNC showed it’s true colors in three crucial areas: 1) GOD – Liberals give lip service to the notion of god, and they hate the one true God that’s represented on the pages of Scripture. 2) VOTING – Liberals don’t care … Read More

The Hypocrisy of the Left

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Compare and contrast the way the media and the left handled Gavin Newsom’s civil disobedience in 2004 with this situation in KY. Time to give the left and the courts a taste of their own medicine by standing up for what we believe in and engaging in peaceful civil disobedience. The left is winning because they believe in their cause … Read More

School Prayer

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The Constitution

OK folks. The attached short article is an excellent example of two important dynamics prevalent in our society. First read the article, then read my comments. Example #1 – The cowardliness of most Americans as reflected in the Rankin County School board members and band director Tim Cagle. Below is a quote from a typical government employee/pathetic leader, which are … Read More

The Separation of the People and the State

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Amidst the smoke and haze of the culture war for America, one thing remains incredibly clear, that is, the US court system is the primary reason for the suppression of traditional values in America.  The courts, once known for good judgement and sound decision making, have evolved into a fundamentalist system of thought that oftentimes suspends reason and reality in … Read More