The Separation of the People and the State

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Amidst the smoke and haze of the culture war for America, one thing remains incredibly clear, that is, the US court system is the primary reason for the suppression of traditional values in America.  The courts, once known for good judgement and sound decision making, have evolved into a fundamentalist system of thought that oftentimes suspends reason and reality in favor of judicial precedent.  The modern application of the separation of church and state is a classic example of how misguided it is to base decisions on precedents rather than the original concepts.  The original concept of the separation of church and state is something virtually everyone would agree with, namely, the government should not work in conjunction with a religious organization to manipulate the people.  Yet, the modern application is far removed from its source.  Today, we have bully organizations like Freedom From Religion and Americans United for Separation of Church and State that make it their goal to remove the religious sentiments of the people from politics and the public square.  These organizations have the courts on their side, but the end result of their efforts may very well be a Pyrrhic victory.  Why is that?  It’s due to the fact that their vigorous promotion of the separation of church and state is actually a promotion of the separation of the people and the state.

Take for example the Recent ruling by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  How is it that we have come to this?  How is it that the people of Oklahoma do not have the right to place a statue of the Ten Commandments on state property?  Obviously, the court’s ruling is the logical result of the courts’ precedents.  Let me explain.  The purpose of the judiciary is to make sure that laws are upheld in accordance with the Constitution.  The liberal members of the judiciary (from SCOTUS to the circuit courts to the district courts) have interpreted this to mean that they have a Constitutional obligation to uphold individual rights in the face of the tyranny of the majority.  Fair enough.  That’s a noble endeavor.  However, what we have witnessed is the courts’ inability to balance their responsibilities to all Americans.  The courts have forgotten that they have a responsibility to serve the will of the people just as much as they have a responsibility to protect individual rights.  Thus, when the courts repeatedly defend the individual sentiment over and against the majority sentiment, the courts have set themselves up for a confrontation with the majority of the people, and that is precisely what we have going on today.

Here’s the irony of it all: In the name of individual rights, the courts violate the rights of the majority of our individuals; in the name of diversity, the courts aggressively promote conformity; in the name of tolerance, the courts are intolerant of anyone who challenges their ideology.  If you want to reassert traditional American values and religious beliefs, the way to do it also pretty clear – stand up to the courts.  Who took the power away from the people?  Answer – the courts.  Who bullies traditionally minded Americans into the corner?  Answer – the courts.  “God before Government” could easily be nuanced to “God before the Courts.”  Stand up to the courts America and you’ll change everything.


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  1. Thomas Cordell

    I think that we an detect a “religious” fervor on the part of the LGBT and like minded groups. They believe they are justified, but have no proof. They believe they are right, but have no proof, they believe they have no accountability to any “god” or religion. Yet each of those have a faith basis. And their faith says they are good people and have a right to be such deviants. Natural selection should eliminate anyone not desiring to procreate the intended way. The fervor of their pushing for not merely acceptance or tolerance but affirmation gives the lie that what they do doesn’t affect or hurt others.
    Even clearer is that claim that there is not God. To say there is a God is a religious statement, a faith statement. To say there is not God over us, is also a religious statement, a faith statement.

  2. Joseph Coyote

    I feel the problem in the courts is far simpler. The Supreme Court, especially, has lost their way. Following legal precedent is acceptable practice, as long as it is done within the context and intent of the original law. They have forgotten what their job actually is- To interpret the law.
    If you read recent opinions by our supreme Court, this is painfully obvious. The opinions are riddled with personal bias, and opinions based almost solely on the feelings of the judge himself. The fact that nearly every opinion is a very close split is testimony to and evidence of the problem- How can nearly every major decision made by legal experts, supposedly using the same body of rules, nearly always be split? The answer is obvious. They are ignoring or bending these rules to their preference and whim.
    They are supposed to be judges. But what they are doing makes them tyrants. They are supposed to be interpreting the laws that represent the will of the people, but of late, nearly always counter it. It is especially infuriating when a law is put into place by due process, then struck down by judicial fiat.
    So, what is the legitimacy of decisions made by our judges when they become tyrants?

  3. David Turner

    I totally agree with standing up to the courts. It is the courts that have changed the country. It was the courts who took prayer out of school. It was the courts who upheld Roe Vs. Wade long before all that has happened just in the last 7 years. The last 7 years have been the worst against the church. The question I have is how will we as individuals afford to stand up to the courts? The costs are astronomical and we can already expect to lose at first because the system is stacked against us already. If we lose we have fines on top of court costs and Lawyers fees. I don’t know too many individuals who have that kind of money. I don’t know of too many churches with that kind of money.

  4. Bill

    Hello neighbors,

    About the same time this flag event happened, we had one of our Christian Brothers, here in Cleveland County removed from a public meeting. You can read about the incident here .At the following meeting, I was the only person to speak against this. We must stand in person with words, not online with words.

  5. Alan Hoyle

    There IS a separation of State and Church by the Constitution. But we are NOT demanding that our government follow this. Why are you working as a slave at the hands of our servants? It is time or past time to rise UP. As in the If we love Father YAH with all that we are and our neighbor as ourselves we will stand and protect. We must Repent of our sins so our land will be healed. When we have Repented we Will Stand and will be bold as a lion.

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