What is God Before Government Really About?

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In this video we address a few issues that have come up since the start of the #GodBeforeGovernment movement.

1. Is flying the flag unpatriotic? (2:00)
2. Are we trying to establish a Theocracy? (4:30)
3. What does this have to do with the LGBT agenda? (7:20)
4. What is God Before Government really about? (9:55)

Video Link: What is God Before Government? (video opens on YouTube)

4 Comments on “What is God Before Government Really About?”

  1. yahwehprevails


  2. Alabama Independent

    Why don’t we make an effort to contact every Church in the United States and ask them to fly the Christian Flag atop their flagpole, and relegate the U.S. Flag to that of 2nd place. When Americans start seeing flagpole with the Christian Flag flying atop so many flagpoles, the nation will soon take note!

    1. Rit Varriale

      That would be great. Help us promote the movement. If you’re on Facebook, share our posts and asks your friends to follow the discussion. If you’re not on Facebook, e-mail our blogs and send people to the godbeforegovernment.org. We are having churches, individuals, and businesses join us on a weekly basis by flying the Christian flag atop their poles.

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