What Happened After the Fox & Friends Interview

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Today was another big day for the #GodBeforeGovernment movement.  After the Fox & Friends interview this morning, our story became the #1 trending topic on Facebook throughout the day and was featured on the homepage of FoxNews.com.  It has been shared by over 50 news outlets and has been seen by millions of people across the US.  Our own Facebook post … Read More

God Before Government Goes Viral

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Today was a big day for God Before Government.  Media outlets across the US covered our story and helped to spread the message that, as Christians, our service and commitment to God should be greater than our service and commitment to government–especially a government that coerces us to violate our commitments to God. Below are links to some of the … Read More

God Before Government Featured on WBTV News

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WBTV News in Charlotte, NC came to Elizabeth Baptist Church today for an interview with Pastor Varriale and Pastor Wilson about God Before Government and the special flag raising ceremony happening this Sunday, July 5th. Below you’ll find a link to the news article and video segment that aired at 11pm tonight on WBTV. News Article: Shelby church to fly Christian … Read More

Silence is No Longer an Option

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In the summer of 2012, I had the privilege of sharing the opening prayer and remarks for the NC Senate.  In an age when the courts are tallying the number of prayers that are prayed in Jesus’ name, I knew that what I was about to say would be a direct challenge to the secular mindset that dominates much of our … Read More