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On Sunday July, 5th, Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, NC will take its stand with a flag raising ceremony that will display the Christian flag over the American flag. This new approach to flag etiquette symbolizes that our service and commitment to God is greater than our service and commitment to government–especially a government that coerces us to violate our commitments to God.  Encourage your pastor and church leaders to do the same and start flying the flags in such a manner that it is clear we will serve God before government. If your church is willing to join ours, please take a picture of the flag pole at your church, post it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #GodBeforeGovernment.  Also, be sure to check back on our website early next week to view a video of the ceremony.

15 Comments on “Flag Ceremony Information”

  1. Raul Pino

    Let’s all Christians band together regardless of denomination and speak with one voice. This is the time to unite and march together under God as a nessage to leafers here and abroad. There can be no space for political correctness. God bless your leadership during these trying times.

  2. Pastor Mike Kohlbaker

    Thank you Pastor & congregation for your righteous bold stand. Thank you, also, Pastor for a very clear & reasonable presentation of your views on Fox & Friends. You did not come across as a fanatic, but as an American citizen who had given careful thought to your actions. I fully agree with your premise: God first always.

  3. Bob

    Out of curiosity, would you be as open to this idea if a mosque decided to fly a “Muslim flag” or “Islam flag” above the American flag?

  4. Ron Ingle

    I posted a comment last week after I saw the story in the Star about the flag raising. I called your members all traitors. I regret saying that and hope your members will forgive my hasty comment made in anger. I believe your members to be good Americans and are probably good Christians. I am sorry for saying that. I know also that Dr. Varriale is not a traitor either and I am sure your action was based on your strong beliefs. However, I believe those actions to be very wrong and that it has dishonored and disrespected the American flag. I listened to your sermon and read your remarks and they are not compelling to me. The reference to the Creator in the Declaration Of Independence did not refer to the Christian God only but to a general God who most everyone believes in. The phrase Under God in the pledge also is a general type of religious phrase that does not refer to the Christian God alone. The fact that those were the only references you could find to support your actions is a real sign of the weakness of your case, I listened hard in that sermon for any mention of the real problems facing our country such as hunger, homelessness, joblessness, gun violence, the various wars our military are involved in through out the world, depression and suicide among our veterans, and so many more. I also tried to determine how you expect all this resistance to the SCOTUS rulings to lead to. you must know that there will be as many against you as there might be for you.so the split among out citizens will be greater and no solution in sight. I also resent your references to liberals as being unable to determine their gender and your implication that they do not mean what they say. If you believe that only extremist conservatives have the answer to all our problems , then you do have a serious problem. Finally, I believe that your action is very political and not spiritual at all, Your sermon was a political speech. I do believe you care about our country and hope you can find better ways to express that concern than by creating so much anger among those of us who are also patriots and Christians. By the way, prayers are not banned in schools., only a forced prayer. I find students praying everyday particularly when a test is presented. And what did Jesus say about public prayers? look it up.

  5. kavon

    I also believe that the Christian religion was first in our nation before the American flag. I have seen the Christian flag over the American flag while I was out driving around. Lets get the unbelievers to believe and save the ones that have the hardin hearts .

  6. Rit Varriale

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Of course, you can’t address everything in one sermon. To the contrary, you need to stay on point. That said, I would share your other concerns even though I did not address them in the message. As for the SCOTUS ruling, that is one part of a much larger dilemma for conservative Christians. We knew we would have resistance to the display of the flags, but that is the case with anything worth standing up for. Also, we have found much more support than otherwise. Lastly, I agree… as long as there are tests, there will be prayer in school.

  7. klinik

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