Praying for the People of France

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Our prayers go out to the people of France and the families affected by the terror attacks hitting that nation tonight. Any terrorist fighters that are captured should be publicly executed. No doubt, some will argue that will only make martyrs out of them, and that we’re fighting an ideological war. Well, the best way to stop the spread of an evil ideology is to aggressively eliminate the people promoting it.

Sadly, much of this goes back to a US Administration that has no concern greater than that of its own political agenda. Anyone with half a brain knew that pulling out of Iraq would lead to a power vacuum that would be filled by Muslim extremists. Yet, when ISIS started to take over, rather than do the right thing and go back in to Iraq in order to destroy them, POTUS calls them a JV team and goes golfing. If POTUS was really moved by violence, then he would have done something about ISIS–especially when they started publicly executing people. It’s time for leaders in America and Europe to stop soft peddling the issue and go after Islamic terrorists with everything we have. Press conferences and air/drone strikes are no longer enough, it’s time to put boots on the ground and put an end to ISIS.

Godspeed to Germany as they undoubtedly let hundreds of fighters into their country during the recent refugee crisis. Lesson for the US, borders are meant to be protected.

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  1. Douglas

    My prayers go out to the people of France. Unfortunately the POTUS is a coward, liar, and wants to destroy the U.S. Obama has trouble calling the vicious act in France an act of war, That’s because he is a Muslim. People around the world are being killed by the Muslims in what they call a holy war, our president is like Nero, he fiddles at golf while innocent Christians are being killed. I hang my head in shame for the non-action by Barack Obama the POTUS. May God stand with the citizens of the USA as we are fed up with a little boy playing the role of world leader.

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