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WBTV News in Charlotte, NC came to Elizabeth Baptist Church today for an interview with Pastor Varriale and Pastor Wilson about God Before Government and the special flag raising ceremony happening this Sunday, July 5th. Below you’ll find a link to the news article and video segment that aired at 11pm tonight on WBTV.

News Article: Shelby church to fly Christian flag over American flag (opens in new window)
Video Segment: Link to God Before Government Video on WBTV.com



4 Comments on “God Before Government Featured on WBTV News”

  1. Dave Higginson

    What a courageous move by these pastors and a wakeup call to Americans that God blessed us with our country and should not, nor ever will play “second fiddle” to our government.

  2. alice carpenter

    I commend these pastors and Thank God for them.It is time we took back our rights as Americans and cchristians,God is our Savior and we will worship him until the Rature takes place.God bless you ministers.

  3. L Watson

    I find it doubly significant the first Pastor to act was a Black Pastor,at Shelby, the town where that man who murdered inside a Church, was caught. (I’m not writing his name intentionally)

    It is time we stand and declare our First Citizenship, as members of the Kingdom of G-d, above our second citizenship.

    1. Alabama Independent

      L. Watson. I think it makes a great statement that we can say a Black Christian Pastor was the first to start this movement. This will help to defuse those who claim GOD BEFORE GOVERNMENT is a White Christian Movement as the Liberals and Secularists will attempt to do. Not only should our churches fly the Christian Flag over the American Flag, but individual Christian homeowners who can afford to do so and zoning laws do not prohibit, should also purchase a flag pole and place in in their front yards and make this great statement which these two pastors have initiated. God Bless them both, and God Bless this movement which has the potential to help begin a Revival that is needed in the nation!

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