Trumps Favorite Bible Verse

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Here’s my latest article with IJ Review. As the run for the presidency stands right now, there are two frauds running and there are two honest people running. Of the two honest people, one is a professing socialist and the other is a professing Christian. Sadly, it’s the honest ones that are losing.

Irresponsible Individualism

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Sorry for the lapse in blogs.  Most of our activity is on Facebook and it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had an article on IJ Review. Nonetheless, here’s my latest piece with IJ Review. Understanding the gist of what I’m getting at here is imperative to addressing the real issue of our time, namely, the balance that is needed when addressing … Read More

How Religious are Evangelicals?

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Faith doesn’t make one perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect person. There are no perfect Christians. That’s why we need a Christ. We need a Savior. The Christian faith gives the hope of forgiveness to imperfect people. That said, how are Christians to discern when they are being used by leaders and when leaders are authentically joining them … Read More

The Responsibilities of Religious Leaders

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Here’s an article I wrote on the spat between Trump and the Pope and why Trump is wrong about religious leaders speaking out on the faith of others – especially the faith of a public figure who appeals to his/her faith. This is not about building a wall or the accuracy of the Pope’s statement. It is about the inaccuracy of … Read More

The Courts & Conservatives

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In my recent article with IJ Review, I address the need for the American people, and especially their elected leaders, to stand up to the tyranny of the courts. This is an item that Justice Scalia hit on powerfully in his dissenting opinion to the 2015 same-sex marriage ruling. For years now, one could see this battle with the courts … Read More

Trump, Evangelicalism, & Christianity

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Here’s my recent article with Independent Journal Review. It addresses Trump’s ramblings on Christianity and evangelicalism. The harsh truth is: business acumen is not going to make America great again — authentic Christian ethics are the only thing that will make America great again. Check it out and join the conversation on IJ Review! Lastly, love the Family Research Council … Read More

Constitutionally Illiterate Leaders

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Read my latest article with Independent Journal Review. Share it with your friends and get them to start thinking about the intent of our nation’s early leaders. The Constitution was never meant to stifle the religious expression of our people. Yet, that is precisely the argument the Freedom From Religion Foundation has been making. The only reason they have success … Read More

Biblical Recorder

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The Biblical Recorder ran this article the other day. Join the discussion on the role of the pastor in politics and the public square. Most of you know where I’m going to land on this, but it’s interesting to listen to different opinions.