Joining the God Before Goverment movement? Share your photos of the Christian flag flying high with us using the hashtag #GodBeforeGovernment on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  You can also email us your photo at [email protected].  Be sure to let us know the church name and your location so that we can share it with everyone!

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7 Comments on “Social Feed”

  1. harold murphy

    god bless you I applaud the fact that a fellow Christian has decided to take a stand rather than just sitting there and taking it.

  2. james rucker

    thank you pastor for your stand after all the united states did not hang on the cross. All glory praise and honor to him who was and is to come

  3. Rev. David B. Turner, pastor Oak View Baptist Church Kings Mountain, NC

    To tell the truth, since I became a Christian in 1987, I have always wondered why the flags weren’t already being flown in this manner. Everything in the history of the founding of the United States points to God and setting up a nation on the principles of God. This just makes sense to me.

  4. Jim Martin

    Great idea and positive response to a government bent on EGO – edging God out. God bless you all in Shelby!

  5. Joe Kilzer

    Several weeks before the Supreme Court’s decision we bought a house that already had a flag pole flying the American Flag. It was with great honor that we ordered a Christian flag. We considered flying the American flag under it but decided that it was more important to ensure that God took center stage in our front yard. I have noticed several people looking at it and I hope that it went further in their walk with/to God. After the President planted the rainbow flag on our nations building and ordered it around the nation on Federal buildings, we considered this was the declaration that the American flag is no longer what we live under. A victory flag has been planted on every land claimed by another country or entity as well as placed on lands explored, i.e. the Moon. A flag represents what rule you live under. As for me and my house we live under Christian rules and will no doubt come into conflict with those that have claimed right to the country we live in. For that, we refuse to fly the American flag anymore on our house until laws are followed and our government is restored from this lawlessness that has been enacted under the guidance of President Obama and the Socialists that back him. I applaud you for this site and this movement and hope that more will stand with us.

    God bless!

  6. Daniel

    That is absolutely correct, the nation was founded to create “a civil body politic under God” its very easy to understand the Mayflower Compact which is our first official founding document, thank you for taking the stand

    God Bless you and your family

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