Catching Leaves

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Years ago, I took my niece and nephew for a short hike not far from our home. At their age (they were age about age 7 and 5 respectively) the 1 mile journey through the woods seemed to them like a great adventure. While we were walking along a one section of a stream, hundreds of yellow butterflies were fluttering around … Read More

The Nature of the DNC and the GOP

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In my latest article with Independent Journal Review, I encourage people to look below the surface and consider the real nature of the GOP and the DNC. In the case of the DNC, their diversity is superficial as they conform to the party line. In the case of the GOP, they encourage dissent in their ranks. The GOP is a … Read More

Racism and Reparations

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In my latest article with Independent Journal Review, I discuss the issue of reparations. The answers to the problems of racism and reparations are found in the Bible. When it comes racism, the Bible teaches that all people should be treated with dignity because they are made in the image of God. When it comes to reparations, the Bible teaches … Read More

To Obey or Disobey?

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One of the things that amazes me about the culture war in America is the right’s willingness to follow laws that are unconstitutional, and the left’s willingness to break laws that are constitutional. You would think it would be the other way around, namely, conservatives would be so committed to the “right-ness,” pun intended, of their cause that they would … Read More

The Simple Solution to Satanic School Clubs

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Here’s an article I wrote on the ridiculous notion that freedom of expression means the public school system has two alternatives; 1) allow Satanic clubs, or 2) shut down all other religious clubs. In essence, the Satanic Temple is not a religious club. They don’t believe in the supernatural. They consider Satan to be a metaphorical character that models free … Read More

The Limits of Power

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There’s always a positive way to look at things. Consider the great lesson Obama is allowing us to learn via his recent DOJ / DOE letter to the public schools, namely, that an American President is really not that powerful – at least not powerful enough to change gender with the wave of his hand. Here’s a quote from my … Read More